The Modified Version


Hot Girl Fitness leads you through this fun cardio workout designed to get you in shape for bikini season! Follow along with Sue and Lisa, or if these moves are too advanced, look to Sue for a modified version of the exercises.

Written by Alison Zeidman
Shot & Edited by Lizzy Bryce

Melissa Stokoski (Monica)
Lindsay Boling (Lisa)
Carmen Lagala (Sue)


Date Fight


Written by Alison Zeidman
Filmed by John Nunn
Man – Ryan Shaner
Woman – Jacquie Baker
Fighting Man – Brian Kelly
Fighting Woman – Samantha Russell Craig
Voiceover – Corey Holland

Dark Spots Promo: “Too Soon”


Video opener for ‘Dark Spots: Too Soon’ 9/5/15 at The Creek & The Cave.

Dark Spots is a free, monthly comedy show where comedians are asked to perform their darkest, saddest, and most traumatic–but funny–bits. Hosted by Shane Torres, Nate Fridson and Alison Zeidman, each month performers are asked to do a set inspired by a different dark theme, such as death, illness, depression, divorce, addiction, and more. Every first Saturday at The Creek & The Cave. For more information, visit

Other Paintings the Clinton Portrait Artist Hid Things In



Last week, artist Nelson Shanks told an interviewer that in his official Presidential portrait of Bill Clinton, he included a shadow meant to reference Monica Lewinsky’s infamous blue dress, and the “shadow” that the scandal cast over Clinton’s presidency. This week, it turns out he hid shadows in other portraits, too.

That Time They Didn’t Give Anne Hathaway any Play-Off Music at the Oscars



Many are applauding Polish Director Pawel Pawlikoski for successfully talking over the play-off music at this year’s Oscars. But hey, that music exists for a reason–remember two years ago when they didn’t use it, and Anne Hathaway thought that meant she had to just keep talking?

Maury Show Casts for Lovelorn on Tinder



Last week, The Maury Show put out a casting call for people who have trouble finding love on Tinder. Here are the results.