Actually, We’ve Already Met

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Originally published in the New York Times Sunday Review. Read the full article here.

HI! So good to — oh. Um. Actually, I already know who you are. This is a little awkward, but… we’ve actually met before.

Oh no no no, it’s O.K.! No no no, don’t even worry about it! Really! No really! Really. Don’t apologize! If anyone should apologize, it should be me — I shouldn’t have even said anything.

Where? Gee, you know, I can barely remember myself, it was like, such a non-thing. Not that memorable at all, really. It was at Julie’s Fourth of July party, the sun was setting, and you were wearing — oh, Julie’s party? Julie Sherman? Yeah! That Julie! Oh my gosh, I know, yeah, Julie’s great! Yeah, she’s the best! How do you guys know each other?

From her party? Oh. Oh, cool.

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