Bad New Yorker Caption Contest Entries

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Each week, the New Yorker holds a caption contest. They choose 3 finalists, and readers vote on the winner. I am never going to win. Instead, I’m going to try my best to loselike, real hard. Here are some bad captions for this week’s cartoon. Which one should I submit?

caption contestDrawing by Will McPhail, Contest #471, April 20, 2015

1. “What do you think they want? Their MTV?”

2. “My father took me, and his father took him, and now I’m taking you. Dang, I sure love ice triangle-fishing.”

3. “Hey I want a snack are you gonna eat any of these giant Doritos stickin’ up outta these holes?

4. “Hahaha they just keep bumping into the edge. Dummies. They’re like Roombas!”

5. “Stop lookin’ at them. They’re nothing to worry about. Look at this spike of ice I’m sittin’ on instead. How can this thing support my weight? It’s gonna snap any minute now and I’m gonna fall on it and impale my butt.”