Rave Reviews for www.alisonzeidman.com

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The reviews are in! Looks like it’s going…well, it’s going.

1. “It’s changed my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe. None of them good, though.” -Internet Users Everywhere

2. “Never heard of it.” -Boyfriend

3. “Tolerable.” -New York Times

4. “Clearly not going to go away.” -Barbara Walters

5. “No thanks.” -Employers

6. “Kind of obnoxious.” -Ira Glass

7. “Confirms the suspicion I’ve had all along that losing touch with her after high school was the best decision I ever made.” -Childhood Friends

8. “Love it like a sister!” -Anonymous

9. “Christ.  Is she still doing that?” -Family

10. “We’re thinking about shutting it down.” -WordPress