Parties I’m Planning this Month

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I’m throwing a BUNCH of parties this month. Hope you guys can make it.

May 9: “Let’s Protest Something” at Washington Square Park

May 11:  “I Don’t Like Skee-Ball, but I Know You Guys Do” at Dave & Buster’s

May 14:  “Blow Me Sideways on a Thursday Afternoon Because It’s Not Like We Have Real Jobs” at The Barbary

May 20: “Let’s Trick People Into Thinking We’re Filming a Reality TV Show” at A Gas Station in New Jersey

May 22: “The ‘Party Like Tiger Woods’ Party” at Basement Apartment

May 24: “Oh Man, Shit’s Gonna go DOWN” at Starbucks

May 26: “The Magnificent Seven Part IV – Plus Pre-Show Picnic!

May 27:  “Please Meet Me on Saturday So I Can Apologize” at King of Prussia Mall

May 31: “Betcha We Can Have a Ton of Fun Just Watching 72 Straight Hours of C-Span” at T.G.I. Friday’s