Other Stuff

Can’t think of what to say to let people know you’re ballin’? Hey I got you.

1. “I’ll have the surf and turf.”

2. “An ATM surcharge? It’s cool, I can afford it.”

3. “Mail-in rebate? Eh.”

4. “Oh, I didn’t look at the price tag.”

5. “A ‘buy one, get one’ sale? How quaint.”

6. “I was five feet away from Justin Timberlake in a bar once. In New York City.”

7. “I’m a member of the Gentle Touch Car Wash Unlimited Wash Club.”

8. “$.50 extra for sprinkles? No problem.”

9. “Just got a Groupon for the 40/40 club.”

10. “You guys like yachts? Most of my friends like yachts.”