Alison Zeidman is a Los Angeles-based comedy writer who got her start doing stand-up in Philadelphia and NYC. She’s currently Head Writer and Co-Executive Producer for Adam Ruins Everything on truTV.

Alison’s main comedic focus is taking painful subject matter and difficult life events and turning them into comedy. Her stand-up is deeply personal and specific, and typically focuses on topics such as illness, death, grief, depression, and childhood trauma. (But like, in a fun way.) Her most recent pilot is a workplace comedy about obituary reporters called THE DEAD BEAT. Her humor writing, which has been showcased in the New York Times, frequently focuses on themes of anxiety and self-doubt (also in a fun way), as seen in popular pieces like “Actually, We’ve Already Met,” and “It’s My Birthday! Is That O.K.?” She is also the co-host and -producer of Dark Spots, a stand-up comedy showcase which asks comedians to perform their darkest, saddest, and most traumatic material (but again, she really can’t stress this enough  — in a fun way).

She is not nearly as much of a bummer as she sounds, and, according to some, actually pretty funny.